Offer discounts to drive footfall to your business 

As with gift vouchers BetterPoints can create discount vouchers that are used in the same way as gift card vouchers i.e. as part of the reward catalogue that people buy with their BetterPoints, or as part of a special promotion.  

The only difference is that BetterPoints does not remit any money to you for your ‘in-kind’ discount vouchers as we would for gift vouchers

BetterPoints can create instant vouchers that people receive straight away from doing a particular activity - eg come to a bike repair session and get a 10% discount to spend in store that day. Vouchers like this are called 'tap and clear': the voucher appears in the app as soon as they complete the activity. This can be shown in store, the hits 'use now' and the voucher will disappear into their history and cannot be used again.

For example - a retail voucher could be 'Get a free coffee if you buy lunch today' or 'Receive a 20% discount in Sports World'. You can decide what offers you would like to promote

Here is an example of a 'tap and clear' instant redeem voucher. 

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