Hot Spot Hero

Win 5,000 BetterPoints

Hot Spot Hero is a reward designed to help Wokingham locals improve the air quality in some of the areas with higher car use – the "Hot Spots" (shown in the map below).

By swapping the car for sustainable travel you’ll be reducing the CO2 and NO2 being put into the atmosphere in those areas; and by opting for active travel you’re removing CO2 and NO2 emissions linked to your journey altogether!

To reward our Hot Spot Heroes, we’ll be giving away 5 x 5,000 BetterPoints every month in a prize draw.

You'll be able to earn up to 4 tickets into the draw per day when you travel actively (walk, wheel, cycle, scoot) or sustainably (train, bus) through these areas.

The prize draw will take place on the 1st of each month - but by reducing NO2 emissions in the area, everyone in the borough ends up as a winner!