I don’t dream of getting back in the car

04 May 2021

BetterPoints user Ollie tells us his story

Ollie’s daily car commute was not only eating into his free time but also his savings. Discovering BetterPoints and being motivated to swap four wheels for two has made a big difference to his physical, mental, and financial health. Here is what he had to say about the app and the Move for Change challenge.

What were your travel habits like before you joined Move for Change?

"Before lockdown I was commuting 5 days a week by car. It was costly and painful getting to work. I could never judge how long it was going to take because of the traffic and being able to find a parking space. Even though it is a 4-mile journey it was taking 30 minutes to get there.

I was losing an hour out of my day, so I was struggling to find the time to be active. Even when I was working fully from home, I wasn’t managing much.

But finding the app as I began to return to the office convinced me to adopt an active commute by using my bike.”

How has using the BetterPoints app motivated you to travel actively?

“The points are really encouraging. It helps on those occasions when you are struggling to get out of bed in the morning, knowing you are going to be rewarded for your journey.

 It is nice to see how far I have travelled in the day and across the week too. I had always guessed how far I was travelling to and from work, now the app can provide me with an accurate distance.”

How have your travel habits changed as a result?

 “My commuting habits have completely changed. I am currently going into the office 3 days a week, all on my bike. When I return to 5 days it will be the same, I don’t dream of getting back in the car.

I feel infinitely better commuting on the bike, not just because it is a lot quicker. It is so much more peaceful. My route is almost entirely along the sea front cycle lane and this affords me some time for self-reflection. It is almost like a period of meditation for me!

I also go on leisure cycles now, something I never used to do.”

 What health benefits have you noticed from your new-found active routine?

 “I am finding it easier to wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night. I think I had underestimated how important getting active on a regular basis is.

 In general, it has encouraged me to lead a healthier life. I have quit smoking and I am eating a lot healthier as well.

 There is the financial and emotional benefit too of knowing I am saving money from petrol, parking, and the occasional parking ticket as well! I can spend it on something nice for myself or my girlfriend instead.”

Big thanks to Ollie for sharing his story with the BetterPoints community. He is our ‘Ditch the Car Star’ for April and we would love more participants to share their story, so we are offering you a chance to win 10,000 BetterPoints too. Just look out for an invitation to share your story in the coming weeks. 

I am not signed up to BetterPoints...how do I join?

  1. Download the BetterPoints app for free from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Complete the registration form and then join the 'Move for Change' challenge from the invitation in your app timeline.

For more information about how to take part, tap or click here.