Mix it up with National Walking Month 2022!

26 April 2022

National Walking Month is here again, and we have some great medals and prizes!

To celebrate the arrival of National Walking Month we are giving you the chance to win some fantastic medals and points prizes between 1st and 31st May.

Walking has been proven to help with a whole host of physical and mental health conditions, from Type 2 diabetes to depression and is great for general fitness and weight loss (as BetterPoints user Fiona told us last year). Plus, by ditching the car in favour of a walk, you're saving money and doing your bit to improve local air quality. It's a win-win! 

So, why not take this month as an opportunity to put your best foot forward and walk or wheel as much as possible? By doing so, you could win...

1,000 BetterPoints a day

Walk or wheel for at least half mile each day to earn 1 BetterTicket for the prize draw.

25,000 BetterPoints each week

Earn 1 BetterTicket for the prize draw for every 10 minutes you walk or wheel. The more walking or wheeling you do, the better chance you have of winning!

25,000 BetterPoints Survey Prize

Take our National Walking Month survey at the end of the challenge to be entered into the prize draw.

25,000 BetterPoints Social Media Photo Prize

Share a photo of yourself walking or wheeling on social media using the #WalkThisMay hashtag and tag @BetterPoints to be entered into the prize draw. Whether you're hiking up a hillside or sauntering to school, we want to see you walking the walk!

Local Rewards

If you are taking part in a locally-funded challenge, you may have the opportunity to earn or win MORE rewards as part of National Walking Month. Keep an eye on your timeline to see if this applies to you.


We have a series of colourful trainer medals for reaching different milestones as well as our new impressive (pun intended) Footfall medals. Are you a stroller or an outright explorer? These medals are only available to earn in May 2022, so let's leave our mark!