Gain local advertising and support the challenge with prizes

Sponsorship of prize draws is a great way of engaging local residents to shop locally. 

  • Present your brand to a growing user base via the app, website and marketing collateral
  • Align your brand with local sustainability and health initiatives
  • Integrate with your Community Outreach and Corporate Social Responsibility plans
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Speed up the post lockdown recovery process by driving footfall to your business

You simply name an item or service you would like to set as a prize, e.g.; a free bike service, reusable water bottles, a haircut, lunch for two, a hamper or even a bike. The prize is then offered as part of a weekly or monthly draw.

People can earn BetterTickets and the winners are picked at random.

Sponsors are named in the app and a story is written about them, messages are pushed into the users timeline which link to that story. We alert you as to the winners so that you cans end out the prize or issue the service.

Here is an example of a prize draw from one of our challenges with sponsored prizes.